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More About Your Local Credit Repair Service

“Know Your Credit, Repair It, and Rebuild It”

156508380Kingdom Business Financial Group, LLC (KBFG LLC) established in 2004 with one primary purpose — to educate the masses about credit education. With an emphasis on credit education, we developed a training program called Creditlytics.

Our 4-month training program discusses the importance of understanding the fundamental information of credit reports, and the three credit bureaus and their role. You will also learn the importance of credit scores, why they are used, why you need to maintain good credit scores, and understand the nine principles that make up the credit score. KBFG LLC wants to help consumers achieve financial success and opportunity through credit restoration.

Who are we ?

I am KBFG LLC and you can expect to build an effective and lasting one-on-one relationship with our credit coaches and customer service representatives. We believe in consistency and integrity, but more importantly, we are here to help, not pass judgment on bad credit.

KBFG LLC exist to help you increase your credit score 50-100 points. This is only achievable through the knowledge of credit education, which will help you save money, decrease interest rates, and provide you with a better and stable financial future.

If you can relate to who we are and why we exist, you should use our services and tell others about KBFG LLC.

KBFG LLC is a company that provides reliable credit repair service in Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding areas. Our financial experts serve the customers with commitment and integrity. This is why we believe that the below makes our services truly unique.

What Sets Us Apart From The Competition in Colorado Springs, CO?
– The competitive rates. We are the both affordable and reliable credit repair service.
– The commitment to our customers. We will always go the extra mile in order to achieve the promised results.
– The feedback received. We are renowned for our professionalism, customer-oriented approach, and integrity.

Why Should You Trust KBFG LLC?
– We have experience. You take advantage of the years of experience we have in the credit management industry.
– We are fully licensed and certified. You enjoy the peace of mind you only get when working with real professionals.
– We guarantee your satisfaction. You take no chances with your time and resources when you choose our services.
Do you have any questions about the credit management services we offer? Just give our team a call and let us be of assistance! Make the right choice for your family and business and choose our guaranteed services. We know how to help you out and will be looking forward to your call!